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  1. Echo North

    Do you love fairytales?

    Suited for both adults and young adults, this beautiful story will sweep you away into a world of combined fairytales with a courageous and relatable heroine. 

    This is one of our top favourite books of the year and if you are a Beauty and the Beast fan what are you waiting for? Pick this book up now!

    What fairytale is ECHO a retelling of?

    Primarily, ECHO NORTH retells the Norwegian fairytale “East of the Sun And West of the Moon”, with lots of crossover between its cousin stories, “Beauty and the Beast” and the myth of Cupid Psyche. I’ve also borrowed a large element from the Scottish ballad “Tam Lin.” 

  2. With travel restrictions limiting our movement and travel, especially during the summer months, books can transport us to countries and places we might never dream of visiting. Take advantage of some time on your hands, and explore the world through words and your imagination.

    Here are our 5 top picks for books that show you different cultures in different countries:

    The Parisian

    1- The Parisian by Isabella Hammad – An epic tale that begins before the First World War, this story is about a Palestinian man who travels to France before the first world war, to study medicine. The story takes us back to a town in Palestine where his story continues.

    The Guest List

    2- The Guest List by Lucy Foley – Hop off to the Irish coast to an exclusive wedding party on an exclusive island – this is a whodunnit kind of book reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot – the setting, the colourful characters and the murder.