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    When you read a book, and you love that book, and your imagination starts working and the characters start existing in your head, this is when the magic of reading is at work.

    So, when you hear that a beloved book is being made into a movie, in your head you start to choose the actors you think would be best in the role, you start imagining how the movie will be. Sometimes movie magic is in full swing, and sometimes it’s a huge miss!

    Here are our Top 20 movies adapted from books that were spot on, in no particular order!

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    ‘Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.’ F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Did you know? 3 interesting facts we found about literary icon F. Scott Fitzgerald:

    • F. Scott is Francis Scott, named after the cousin who penned the poem that became the words for the US anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner.
    • Fitzgerald worked on the script of the epic movie Gone with The Wind.
    • Fitzgerald saw literary and financial success during his lifetime, however his most famous work, The Great Gatsby, only received commercial success after his death.