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Great Literary Places to Visit in the UK

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Jane Austens House museum

      Jane Austen's House Museum

Reading books provokes the mind and fires the imagination. Getting to know characters through the books and falling in love with authors is all part of the joy and the unique experience of reading.

So, when there are actual places to visit that can transport you in a book or into the life of a much-loved character or author, it is definitely worth a visit.

Our top 5 places to visit in the UK for literary lovers are:

  1. Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton – The most treasured Austen site in the world, this is the house where her greatest works were written and published, including the very special Pride & Prejudice.
  2. 221b Baker Street, London – All you Sherlock Holmes fans out there will know this address like your own home. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is definitely worth going to if you are an admirer of Sherlock.
  3. Haworth, West Yorkshire – This is a double bingo since both Bronte sisters based their works Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights in this area where they lived. Feel Heathcliff’s presence and Jane’s inner turmoil in the rolling moors.
  4. The Elephant House Café, Edinburgh – Sit in this café where J.K. Rowling spent hours writing the Harry Potter novels and get inspired. Other authors including Ian Rankin are also spotted there.
  5. Agatha Christie’s Summer Home, Greenway, in Torquay – Visit ‘The Queen of Crime’s’ summer home where she spent many an hour thinking up plots and intrigue for her infamous detective Hercules Poirot, as well as her amateur detective Miss Marple.

 Of course, there are many more places to visit all over the UK, from Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon to the iconic town of Oxford that was frequented by literary giants such as Oscar Wilde and C.S. Lewis and to Broadstairs in Kent where you can practically feel the presence of Charles Dickens.

Wherever you find yourself in the UK, check to see if there is a literary stop for you to make!

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