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Why Do We Love Pride and Prejudice?

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Pride and Prejudice

There are some books that never go out of style.

It’s been over two centuries since our beloved Pride and Prejudice was published, and over two
hundred years later, millions of people are still madly in love with this romantic comedy that
enchants all cultures and generations. Why?

The thing is, Pride and Prejudice transcends time. The story and the characters can be identified with
by people from around the world, no matter where they come from.
Times have changed in so many different aspects of our lives, but there are a few things that just
might never change; our deep-rooted search for love, our fascination with our neighbours and other
people around us and our desire for a good laugh.

If you look around, you can probably spot one or other of the Bennet girls around you. The
stereotypical teens Kitty and Lydia would probably feel right at home in a shopping mall giggling at
boys while shopping away. Everybody knows that mother who is always looking to marry her
offspring off to the right candidate, and the long-suffering gentle father-of-girls quietly keeping his
thoughts to himself.

Elizabeth Bennet meanwhile, is a character to inspire all generations of girls, and last but not least is
the dashing Mr. Darcy, whose name decorates tote bags in almost every bookshop. The passionate
and broody sort never goes out of style, and there is no sign that Mr. Darcy is anywhere near out of
Pride and Prejudice is timeless. It’s fun, the characters are familiar, and it’s a book you can read over
and over again. 

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