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Book Lovers Habits

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What are your bookish habits?

We find people’s book habits fascinating and have created a list of questions for you to discover more about your book preferences. We tried these questions at a book club and everyone had a blast answering them, as well some debates.

Listed below are 18 questions that you could use at your book club or simply for yourself. You might be surprised at your own answers!

  1. Do you prefer paperback or hardback?
  2. Do prefer reading a book or on your Kindle?
  3. Fiction or non-fiction?
  4. Reading inside or outside?
  5. Do you read one book at a time or multiple books?
  6. Series or stand alones?
  7. Are you a rereader?
  8. Do you write in your books or keep them super tidy and clean?
  9. Bookmarks or anything you can find to save your page?
  10. Can you read in a noisy environment or in quiet only?
  11. Do you buy books based more on the cover or title?
  12. What would your 3 desert island books be?
  13. Are you happy to lend your books to others or do you feel squeamish doing so?
  14. Second hand and battered or brand new in beautiful condition?
  15. Are you a book hoarder and hold on to every copy for dear life, or more of a minimalist?
  16. Does having a large to be read pile stress you out, or do you simply smile when you glance at it with no pressure?
  17. Have you ever bought a book because of the beautiful cover, knowing that you would never read it?
  18. What is your comfort read? A book that makes you feel like you have a security blanket wrapped around you? 


Let us know if you have more questions in the comments! Or tell us some of your own bookish habits.

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