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Killing Off Sherlock Holmes

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Fans Outraged at the Murder of their Favourite Character

Conan Doyle, the creator and writer of the world’s most famous detective Sherlock Holmes killed off
his infamous character in 1893 – well, shoved him off a cliff in Switzerland to be more precise. After
six glorious years of solving cases, fans were deprived of that never-to-be-forgotten detective.

Actually, the fans were so upset and outraged that they unsubscribed from the magazine that used
to print the instalments of the Sherlock Holmes stories, and not just a few fans – 20,000 of them, a
huge number back then – the magazine barely survived.

Doyle meanwhile addressed the momentous event by writing two words in his diary – Killed Holmes.
Readers back then were devoted - they would line up outside the magazine’s offices waiting for the
next instalment of their favourite detective. So, when their entertainment was taken away from
them, they rebelled – they wrote angry letters to the magazine, with one letter even calling Doyle ‘a
brute.’ In the US, there were ‘Let’s Keep Holmes Alive’ clubs coming up. This however had not been
done before. Fans was not even a term used back then. People were just not ‘fanatic’ about book
characters. But Sherlock Holmes changed that.

Doyle bowed to the pressure, and revived his beloved character.

The Story Gift salutes Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

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