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Happy Mother's Day! - Mothers in Literature

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A Game of ThronesLittle WomenPride and Prejudice

It’s Mummy’s Day! Today we celebrate and appreciate the woman who cared for us and nurtured us, the woman who loves us no matter what; the woman we call mum.

In literature, mothers come in all shapes, sizes and demeanours, and here are our top 5 mummies!

1- Queen Cersei – Game of Thrones

Despite being a cunning, conniving, incestuous megalomaniac, this queen is a tiger mum. Her kids, although not raised particularly well, especially that Joffrey, can always depend on her to have their back and be protected.

2- Mrs. Bennett – Pride & Prejudice

This bustling mama is simply endearing, despite her miserable attempts at matchmaking. At the end of the day, she wants her daughters to be suitably wed with a secure future ahead of them!

3- Lily Potter – Harry Potter Series

Although we never get to really meet and know Lily, the ultimate sacrifice she made of giving her life up for her baby gets her on our list of favourite mums.

4- Mrs. March – Little Women

Being a mother to four daughters is no easy thing, but Mrs. March does it beautifully. Charitable, generous and hardworking, she is never too busy to be available to her daughters, whether they need advice or consolation. She protects her children but also allows them to make mistakes to learn from.

5- Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

Ok, we know she has no human children but being the mother of three glorious dragons gets this mama warrior on our list. She is fearless, beautiful and righteous and we wish her the best in the next season!

So here are our favourite literature mums – who are yours?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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