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Controversial Reads

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Small great things

One of the very many pleasures of reading is being able to have a heated discussion about a book that affects people in different ways – people are provoked, different perspectives are aired and all around, there is a good old-fashioned debate happening that gets the wheels turning in your mind.

Here are our top favourite controversial books that will no doubt get a heated debate going!

1- Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult – A baby born to white supremacist parents who forbid any African American hospital staff from touching their baby. The baby goes into distress and only that nurse is available. What would you do?

2- Defending Jacob by William Landay – A teenage boy is accused of murder and he might actually have done it. What would you do if that were your son?

Defending Jacob

3- The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas – A man slaps a child not his own in the middle of a barbeque. What do you think of that?

The Slap

4- The Dinner by Herman Koch – Two couples sit for dinner to discuss a despicable act their boys have committed. Which couple do you agree with?

The dinner

5- The Children Act by Ian McEwin – Should your parents’ religion stop you from getting a life-saving blood transfusion?

The children act

Books that are thought-provoking and relevant to the society we live in are gems for discussion that will introduce opinions and perspectives that you may not have thought of! Get reading, debating and defending your chosen characters!

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