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    Have you ever gone to the bookshop, found a great book, bought it, and then found the same one bought before, on your shelves weeks later? And we aren’t talking about different editions of say, Pride and Prejudice, that we just can’t resist buying!  Wouldn’t it be great to get notifications or instantly look books and reviews up?

    Here are some great apps we have found that book lovers will enjoy;

    - Book Buddy – Scan the barcodes of all your books to store on the app, and never buy the same book again! While you are in the bookshop, you can search the app if you already have that book lounging on your shelves at home.

    - Goodreads – It is surprising how many book lovers we know who don’t use the Goodreads app; swap reviews, rate your books and join discussion groups on this great app.

    - Bookaxe – Are you obsessed with specific books and want similar options? This is a great app for book recommendations based on your style, content and genre preferences. You can also browse bookcases of likeminded people!

    - Book Wall – A great way to search and find books to read, it will give you 300 titles for your chosen criteria, and it will narrow down your search as you put in more specifics to eliminate titles.

    - Shakespeare Pro – We couldn’t resist this one; the app has all the Bard’s works, with a glossary, breakdowns of scenes, famous quotes and lots of Shakespeare genius.

    If you find a literary app, let us know and we can share it with other book lovers!

  2. To be immortalised with a statue is no little thing, especially when you are not royalty, an activist or some other world mover or shaker. When authors are commemorated with statues, it is not only to honour them, but to ensure that their works endure and different generations are introduced to their timeless words and stories.

    Here are some of our favourite statues from all around the world:

    1- William Shakespeare – Stratford-upon-Avon. Old Will is one lucky author with lots of statues, busts and memorials all over the place, one the most famous residing in Westminster. We chose the Gower statue in Will’s hometown because he is kept company with statues of some of his most beloved characters, namely Hamlet, Prince Hal, Lady Macbeth and Falstaff. These characters were meant to represent the four pillars of Shakespeare’s creative genius; Philosophy, Tragedy, History, and Comedy”. 

     William Shakespeare Statue


    2 - Oscar Wilde lounging on a rock in Dublin – One of the only statues with such flamboyant colours, reflecting the uniqueness of this beloved author.

    Oscar Wilde