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» Listings for February 2019

  1. Trinity College Library

    Trinity College Old Library, Dublin

    Even though we carry entire libraries around with us on our smart phones, there is nothing quite like walking into a beautiful library.

    The air is heavy with decades and centuries of knowledge, the shelves are meticulously lined with thousands of books enticing you to seek knowledge and to travel to different worlds and meet thousands of different characters.

    Here is our list of Top 7 Beautiful Libraries to visit around the world:

  2. Pride and PrejudiceGone with the wind

    All You Need is Love….

    It’s that time of year when love is in the air, and it is the perfect excuse to pick up a timeless love story to put you in that love mood and get those butterflies in your stomach!

    Love stories tick a lot of the boxes for us; they give us the drama, the hope, the butterflies and the entertainment all at the same time. But finding that right love story for you can be tricky, so here are our top picks for a good romance: