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» Listings for July 2019

  1. The Silence of the GirlsCirceMythos

    Greek myths. Stories about ‘powerful Gods and extraordinary heroes’, (as narrated by Disney’s Hercules). We’ve compiled a short list of these timeless tales retold from various perspectives that will not only keep you hooked, but will scratch that bit deeper under the surface of mythology you may know so well…

    - Circe by Madeline Miller

    Remember that random witch Odysseus met at some point? The one that turned men into pigs? Well, let us tell you, she is much more than that. This book is told from the incredible perspective of Circe, a daughter born to Titans. Her whirlwind of a life story is definitely one to keep you occupied and will have you gripped in its claws.

  2. CirceThe library of Lost and Found

    We are always on the lookout for great reads, and whenever we come across any, we love to share! Summer is here and one of our favourite pastimes to while away the long summer days is a good read, and here are a few of our more recent reads that we thought you might enjoy!

    - Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue

    A refreshing look at the normally indestructible “American Dream,” this is a book about hope, the pursuit of a dream, and the reality of trying to achieve it.

    - The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

    Set during colonial times, this is a beautifully written book about tigers, intriguing Chinese beliefs and superstitions, and good old-fashioned mystery!

    - Lunch in Paris; A Love Story with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard

    A lovely memoir, Bard went to Paris for a weekend visit and never went back home. This is a light-hearted romantic read that will put you in a good mood, make you hungry, make you love Paris and want to leave the book and get up and cook every now and then!

    - The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick

    If you love libraries, fairytales and mysteries then you will be pleasantly surprised by this gorgeous read. We could not put this one down!

     - Circe by Madeline Miller

    A must read and a highly praised book by just about every critic out there, this is a fantastical read bringing us the never outdated or boring Greek myths.